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    After upgrading to Shavlik Protect 9.2 "Deployment Notification" emails do not send after scheduled deployments


      After we upgraded to Shavlik Protect 9.2 we noticed that during our scheduled deployments (which are setup to send a deployment notification email) we do not receive a "Deployment Notification" email after scheduling a patch deployment.  We do notice however, that if we choose to install patches immediately we do receive the below deployment notification email as expected:



      The patches listed below are scheduled for installation to the following machines


      Machine Name Scheduled Installation Time Bulletin/Patch


      DAKTRONICS\V-ITFC-071 Immediately MSWU-1872/Q3137061


      After installation, the machine will be:

      Automatically rebooted immediately after installation



      We have done no configuration changes to Shavlik during the update - everything remains the same.  Attached I have log files that are showing the deployment notification working (when we schedule patches to install immediately) and when the notifications are not working.



      Steps to reproduce:


      1.) Launch Shavlik Protec 9.2

      2.) Choose "Machine Groups"

      3.) Scan a "Machine Group" with security tools scan

      4.) Highlight/Select certain patches and deploy "Selected Patches" of your choosing

      5.) Set schedule time

      6.) Deploy

      7.) We do not receive the "Deployment Notification Email"

      8.) Patches do end up installing correctly and scheduling fine


      Attachments are zipped with 7zip.



      I do also have an open case and this is urgent that it gets fixed in a timely manner since we utilize the "Deployment Notification" emails for auditing and SOX compliance.


      Case# 00885196


      Thank you for any help!