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    Reporting in Empower


      Are there plans to add reporting function to Empower ? It would be great to be able to produce some reports and export to excel.


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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          Yes, a future version of Empower will including some form of reporting, but it's too early for details.  I would suggest submitting a feature request and include any idea you have on what you wan to see for reporting.






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            This is a huge hole in the feature set as well for me. I like what Empower is adding to the Shavlik product... but the slow feature rollout is making it hard to make decisions. I have audit requirements that I need to take care of but would like to just stay with Shavlik for them if at all possible , since its a product we know and already use.


            Is there any kind of timeline on when reporting will be added? Just a simple export to CSV would be sufficient.