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    Adobe Products (Bridge, Photoshop) Unseen By Protect?


      Good morning.


      Sorry if this is a stupid question, I've skimmed the discussion group for 'Bridge' and didn't find anything relevant.


      I've got a couple of "can't get to the Internet" systems with Bridge CC installed, requiring the 6.2 update. I searched for 'Bridge' in all patches (Protect Standard, and find reference to APSB16-03 and a pointer to Photoshop_CC_2014_64bit_15_2_4_ftr.zip, with a summary of "Security updates available for Adobe Photoshop CC and Bridge CC." Downloading and then executing that patch manually on the target machines results in the Adobe patcher complaining that the system doesn't contain the affected application (words to that effect).


      So, is the summary of that patch incorrect? How can I patch Bridge CC (64-bit)?


      Thanks for any help,