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    Question about remote scheduling agent

    dharmatma Rookie

      We have several computers in AWS and one in a remote location from where our data center is. I only just realized I might be wise to use the Scheduled Remote Tasks Manager. I loaded it to one of the machines, but I'm not sure how to proceed with it. We only have one Shavlik server, we do not use a distribution server. If I want to schedule deployment of patches, do I just do so the way I always do (deploy selected patches>choose template>schedule the deployment>Deploy.

      The other thing I cannot recall is if the machine is in a different time zone, is the deployment scheduled based on the Shavlik Protect console timezone, or the affected server's time zone?

      I have been reading the Help but I feel I am missing something. So I'm posting this and going to look at the videos. Thanks,


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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          The Manage > Scheduled Remote Tasks isn't used with agents. It's used to view, change and modify scheduled deployments  from agentless deployments.


          For the machine located on a remote location, if you don't have a VPN connection that would allow the Protect server to copy the patches to the target, you will need to determine the best method to allow the target to obtain the patches for the deployment.    You can setup a Deployment Template to use a vendor as backup which would allow the machine to download from the internet. The option is in the Distribution Server tab, enable the option and it should fail over to vendor.


          Personally, I would install an agent on the target and choose the option to download from vendor. 


          Scheduled agentless scans are based on Protect server time.  Scheduled agentless deployments are based on target machine time.  All Patch Tasks in the agent are based on client time.


          Let me know if you have any questions.