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    Deployment tracker failed

    makamajo Rookie


      After upgrading the Shavlik Protect 9.2, I get no response from the Deployment Tracker that they are successfully installed if they are not machines are domain-joined.

      In the old version of Shavlik 9.0 can set it up:

      Go to Tools - Options - Deployment Tracker - address where: I can then fill in shavliks IP address and then get detailed report when installed successfully

      The new Shavlik 9.2 is not that opportunity?

      I get no response from the machines only Worstation and not in any domain.

      I can only see the scheduled ip tracker, though patches are installed.


      Is there something you are going to fix?


      The machines that are in the domain can I successfully installed.

      When I look in the logs I get the error message on these machines.

      2016-03-16T07: 54: 42.3351871Z 12d4 E PingBack.cpp: 63 Sending data to 'https: // xxxxxxxxxx: 3121 / ST / Console / Deployment / Tracker / V92' failed: 12007th


      Regards /Maria