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    Unable to find virtual machine - unable to deploy patches


      I just upgraded to Shavlik Protect 9.2.5046 and am getting the above mentioned error on some boxes (including the Shavlik Protect server itself) and on a few others it just says failed. I checked with the network team and nothing is being blocked. These are VMs on ESX 6 U1 hosts, which were recently migrated from a 5.5 vCenter over to a 6.0 vCenter (the hosts were then upgraded to 6). Not sure if that helps or not. The four that just say "Failed" as a status are also VMs, but are still on the 5.5 environment. However the other 50+ boxes that were patched successfully are also in that 5.5 environment. There is no more description as to why they failed, just that they failed. I can successfully ping all failed boxes by name and IP.


      Screen shot of the status from some of the failed boxes:


      Thanks for any help!