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    Inventory Report of Patching Servers



      I am using shavlik standard protect 9.1 and I need to generate below two reports for configuration document perspective.

      1. All the machines group and machines present inside it (as consolidated inventory)

      2. All the machines group with their patching scan schedule, patching template, deployment schedule and deployment template.

      In my setup, I have 250+ machine groups, 2000+ machines and 150+ scheduled jobs and it is very tricky and time consuming to generate this inventory manually.

      Is there any I can get above inventory reports either using front end (if i missed) or through SQL queries? Please help.

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          It's going to be very difficult to retrieve this information from Protect in the manner you wish.  You could use the View > Machines, change the columns (add/remove/move), highlight all the machines ans export to CSV.  It's not going to show everything you need, but it a view of everything reported by Protect.


          I think the best we can offering is the Report View guide:  Report Views Guide

          You will have to write the queries.