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    Adobe Acrobat [Reader] DC update to upgrade from X or XI to DC


      I noticed that when I do patch updates on Adobe Reader X or Adobe Reader XI they do not upgrade to Adobe Reader DC.  They just update to the latest version of the current series.  The same is true for the full-blown Adobe Acrobat. Are there any plans in the works to create an upgrade package for Adobe Acrobat [Reader] similar to the "Java 7 upgrade to Java 8 Update 73 (Removes Java 7)"?


      I as well as many others I'm sure are in need of an update such as this that would recognize older versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat (i.e.:  X or XI) and then install the newest DC updates while removing any and all previous versions of Adobe Acrobat. Does this already exist and I just don't see it or is it something that can be done?