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    Agent Binaries not updating on local machine

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      We are using Shavlik Protect (latest version) and Protect Cloud. I noticed that from Jan 29 to Feb 4 or so, the Agent version changed from 9.2.4988 to 9.2.5046. Most of the machines using Protect Cloud updated, but about 10 did not.

      I have tried to manually update them to no avail. I actually had an end-user try to update them from the local machine, and that didn't work either. In all cases the "Agent didn't respond".

      We know we can fix it by manually rerunning the latest installer, but how does this happen?

      The one thing I recall doing is creating a fresh batch of Cloud licenses around Jan 29, but the machines in question were already licensed so in that sense, it does not apply.

      It is very hard for me to get end user logs. But enough machines didn't update that I think there is something I should be doing. Please advise. Happy to ticket this as needed. Thanks,


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          The agents should automatically update as soon as the new agent version is available to them.  Since these are cloud agents, I would assume they are downloading files directly from the internet.  It's possible a proxy is preventing the downloads.  Do you see recent scans or check-ins from these machines?  It would be interesting to see if the agents are still functioning. 


          As you most likely guessed, we would need logs from the target agents to determine the cause of these agents not upgrading.




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