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    Search patch group


      I've come across a quirk in the UI when searching patch groups for a particular patch. If I want to search a particular patch group for the existance of a patch, I start typing the patch number and the results are dynamically updated...this is very helpful.  So, for example, I type MS15-XYZ and any patches that are in that particular patch group, related to MS15-XYX will appear. Then, I want to check a different patch group for the same patch.  I leave the patch number in the search field and  select a different patch group from the drop down list.  At this point ALL patches in the group are shown.  To work around the problem, I need to delete one character of the patch number and then re-type it...the dynamic search is re-activated. Can the UI be fixed so it's not necessary to backspace, re-enter the patch number? Why I use this feature: Every so often, when a new XML is released, there will be a list of patches that have "updated detection logic".    On several occasions, patches that I had previously approved, but were previously undetected by some workstations, now become detectable using the new detection logic.  I use agents, and this will sometimes cause workstations to get the patch and need a restart.  Now, when I receive the new XML files, I like to purposely remove the patches with "updated detection logic" from the patch groups, so we do not receive unexpected workstation restarts. Hoping this minor annoyance can be fixed.  thanks