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    Shutdown VM prior snapshot

    Thom.Turner Rookie

      I wish to get consistent snapshots.

      Is it possible to shut-down a VM prior to taking a protect snapshot.


      Also does a protect snapshot snapshot the VM memory or quiesce the file system?

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          You could use a Power State Template to shutdown the VMs shortly before the scan and deployments.  This can be scheduled.


          Complete snapshots are taken of offline VMs.  The memory state isn't taken when the VM is online.




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            Thom.Turner Rookie

            Hi Charles,


            Thanks for the reply.

            So the steps involved would be the below, is this correct?


            1) Run operation - Scan VM

            2) Run separate operation - Shutdown

            3) Run deployment operation - take snapshot. This operation will patch the machine even though it is in an off state.

            4) Manually power on machine

            5) Manually remove snapshot

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              cwinning CommunityTeam



              In Protect 9.2:


              1. Schedule the Power State Template to run shortly before your scheduled scan runs.
              2. Allow the scheduled scan to run against the offline VMs, this can be a scan and deployment for automation.
              3. If it was a scan only, you will need to manually setup the deployment piece. #3 is easier.
              4. We have a WOL function if you have access to Power Manage feature in Protect.  This can be scheduled too.
              5. We have options to remove snapshots during the deployment process.  We also have a PoweShell script that can be run remove snapshots created by Protect if the options in the template don't fit your needs.