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    nxlog msi custom patch failing to deploy




      seems I'm bit stuck here


      I created custom patch following this doc (How To: Create a Custom Patch)

      used msi from here (http://nxlog.org/products/nxlog-community-edition/download)


      selected that MSI supports all languages.


      XML validation works and patch is imported.


      but when I push it out - "File validation failed" - and deploy stops.

      no files are even copied down to device

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          Judging from the information here, the .msi associated with the custom patch is invalid.  Make sure the location of the files is correct (needs to be local to Protect) in the custom patch settings.  Also verify the .msi is complete, not corrupt and also not blocked. (go into properties and look for an unblock button)


          We're most likely going to need you customer XML files, logs and screenshots and that is best handled through support.