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    Asset scan results disappear


      I schedule an asset scan for each of our machine OU's on a nightly basis. Results that were there last time I looked, are no longer on the asset tabs, both software and hardware. The scheduled tasks successfully complete each night and there are no errors. I first noticed yesterday, the scheduled task ran overnight but results have not populated. (yes, I refreshed the results). In database management I delete results older than 30 days for assets but shouldn't the results be refreshed during the nightly asset scan?

      Only after manually running an asset scan, the tabs populate.


      Is there somewhere else to check to confirm that the scan is successful and maybe explain why the information is not populating correctly?



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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          Go to Manage > Items and verify you can see an entry in Asset Scans.  This was a scheduled Full Asset Scan against My Machine.  A missing entry would indicate 1) the scan never completed or 2) The scan was deleted from Protect manually or through database maintenance.

          As you can see, I name this scheduled scan TEST ASSET to make it easier to find in the logs.

          Log wise, navigate to C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect\Logs on the Protect server.

          Open the ST.TaskHost.managed.username.log and search for the scan name. You will see a line like this if the job starts:  AssetScan.cs:45|Asset scan name: TEST ASSET

          A good test would be to choose a machine and schedule a Full Asset Scan against it 5 minutes into the future.  Does it show in Manage > Items?  Can you see the information in the Software and Hardware Assets tabs in View > Machines?

          If that works, you should attempt to run a Full Asset Scan against the Machine Group containing your OU.  Does it work?





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            Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, Charles.


            Looking at the Manage Items, the scans appear to be working with the number of machines scanned:

            But in the Scanned By column, it is the server name not the administrator account. Looking at the ST.TaskHost.Managed log for the administrator, there are no results but looking at a recently updated log for STATEM@NT.AUTHORITY, it matches to the scheduled times. This log has entries since an upgrade on 12/2: "Cannot get hostname xx.xx.xx.xx Registry access is not allowed" corresponding to the scheduled tasks. To confirm this, I ran a scheduled task and the STATEM@NT.AUTHORITY log contained the errors I described.


            I logged in under the administrator account and scheduled a scan asset task as you suggested. It completed, the entries exist in the log file and the asset tabs populate. The Manage Items correctly show the administrator in the Scanned By column:


            Prior to upgrade on 12/2 to version 9.2 build 4988, the scheduled tasks seemed to be working and since I delete results after 30 days, those scans were deleted off. That would explain empty asset tabs. Although the tasks list as having completed, they don't reflect the error listed in the logs. When I set up the scans, I used the default credential of the Shavlik administrator account and the Scheduled Console Tasks page list the current credential as the Shavlik Admin account for each scheduled task.


            To correct this I logged in under the admin account credentials and took ownership of each task and confirmed that each task is enabled (Yes) and Has Credential (Yes). I ran a scheduled task and confirmed that the asset tags are populating after taking ownership.


            I will monitor overnight tasks and let you know if there are any issues. Thank you for sending me down this path.



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              cwinning CommunityTeam

              Hello Joel,


              You definitely did the majority of the work here, good catch on the account being used for the jobs.  Let me know how this turns out.




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                Overnight scans successfully populated the asset tabs as expected.


                A couple of requests:

                Include more information on the Manage Items page for success/failure messages as well as the View -> Event History (which always showed scans as successful)

                The Results view includes Power and Patch scans but not Asset Scans. That also would be a good place for them


                Thanks for your help.


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                  cwinning CommunityTeam



                  I tend to agree with the requests.  Our Product Manager would like to see this request through this form:  Feature Request Form


                  Let me know if you have any questions.



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                    I submitted a feature request for the Results View.

                    Thanks again for your help, Charles