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    MS16-004 Office 2010 problems


      When installing the 6 patches for Office 2010, the user receives this message.  All other patches install silently in the background needing no user interaction.


      Also, I had to download these patches manually (x86 files).  Shavlik could not download them. "Connection lost:..."


      Any thoughts/ideas/help would be appreciated.

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          What version of Protect are you running? I was able to download all versions of MS16-004 from my Protect 9.2 console, all 2.34GB worth of patches. Right click on the patches you manually downloaded, go into properties and make sure they aren't blocked. You will see a 'Unblock' button in the general tab.


          What do you see when you click on "View the message."?