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    Network Scanning Error

    c.hunter Rookie

      Hey all,


      I am having a new problem with a machine in my domain.  I have added a new machine that was set up the same way as all the other machines are set up prior to coming on the domain.  Nothing has changed, yet for some reason, this one cannot be scanned as it give the "Network connection error." or error 201.  It asks in that same statement to verify that you can remote log on to the machine which I can do without fail.  So for some reason, this machine which is set up to the same standard that.  I'm still pretty basic on Shavlik and everything it can do as well as still learning how this sever is set up, but it uses group policy to control logging onto machines with in the domain as well as controlling a couple other things that I don't believe to relevant to this problem as all the machines are set the same and yet this one won't work.


      Any help would be nice.


      If you need to know more let me know.