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    Shavlik plans for dropping virus protec


      When the virus checking goes away, what are Shavliks plans for updating Agents? Program? etc.?

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          chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

          For Shavlik Protect Advanced users your next renewal will be the point where the AV feature goes away.  Other than switching to a new AV solution the Shavlik agent will pretty much take care of itself.  The agent will simply unload the AV feature and keep doing everything else as usual.  There is really nothing more you will need to do.  On December 31st 2016 we will do an update that will disable the feature across our system and at that point it will no longer be a feature in our product that is active.  So our guidance would be as follows:


          Current AV customers with a renewal date in 2016, have a new AV solution ready to go and on the renewal date have that new solution in place.  Our agent will not require any action on your part.  It will just unload the Threat Protection engine and keep running everything else as is. 


          Current AV customers with a multi year term and next renewal date past 2016, ensure you have an AV solution in place before December 31st 2016 as that is when the feature will be turned off for all customers no matter what your renewal date is.  In this case you will also be contacted regarding your license.  We are finalizing details on this currently, but you will be compensated for the portion of your license for Threat Protection that went beyond 2016. 


          For any questions about your license or renewal your should contact your renewal rep or reseller and we will be happy to assist in answering any questions you may have.  We also have details on an offer from Threat Track Security to license their product directly. 




          Chris Goettl

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