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    Faulty module name kernelbase.dll


      In Event Viewer this shows up after Protect refuses to open. Event ID is 1000 with St Protect.exe and Locale ID 1033


      This is followed by .Net Run time error in Event viewer. Event ID 1026


      Any help on these two would be great. It is happening each and everytime I try and open ST.Activation (since I cannot do it through opening Protect normally) to refresh the license. I am following just like the documentation says and do and import manual license. if it does manage to stay open then it gives the error "Failed to commit or save the database installation. Invalid license". These are all disconnected machines and the others have no issues renewing the license but this one.


      Also, I have another machine which is giving me the error "Error loading patch definitions: Bad core key file name. Key actual value was asset xml". If anyone has any help with that, this would be great too.


      Thanks and have a good Holiday.