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    Missing TeamViewer 11 update but not 10?


      According to Shavlik Patch (formerly SCUPdates) | Maximize your Investment in SCCM on 12/4/15 the following TeamViewer update was published:


      QTV11052465 – TeamViewer 11.0.52465 – Low

      However in my catalog I only see a single update available from the vendor 'TeamViewer GmbH' (or product 'TeamViewer') and it's for:

      TVIEW-001 TeamViewer 10.0.47484 which was created/revised on 9/18/2015

      I checked on the TeamViewer site and the current version available for download is 11.0.53254 - so it seems that the version 11 branch is the current one.

      I'm using Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center 2.1.810.0

      Catalog version: 12/16/2015 2:42P

      Any idea why I see v10 patches in the catalog but not v11?