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    Enhancement Request in Protect 9.2 and the Patch Group View


      Hello and Good Morning Shavlik Community...


      I have a enhancement idea for Shavlik Protect 9.2. I love the changes made to the interface for Patch Groups, and managing the addition\subtraction of patches in these groups. But I am starting to notice there is no option to remove patches from the patch listing that have already been added to the current group. In Shavlik 9.1, you knew what patches had already been added to the group, because the checkbox next to the patch would be checked. In 9.2, there is no longer an easy way of know if you already added a patch to a patch group....You have to constantly cross reference the bottom patch group member pane with the current filter patch listing above. Not a big deal until the patch group listing become long and you have to scroll constantly to check if its a patch you already added. I am just saying a filter, or box, that you can check for "Show only patches not currently in the selected patch group" would help a ton. Is this option somewhere in the Path Group UI and I haven't found it?