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    Adobe flash v20 not available


      We have Shavlik Protect standard 9.0. Trying to update flash to the latest version,, but Shavlik only have Adobe flash 18 when scanning patches. How can I get the latest version?

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          We offer major version upgrades from Flash Player versions that are no longer support by the vendor.  As long as the Flash Player version you are on now is supported by the vendor, we will not offer an upgrade to the latest version when scanning for Security/Non-Security Patches.  You can easily upgrade all of your systems to Flash Player 19 by setting up a Software Distribution scan/deployment.


          Since you are trying to upgrade to the latest version of Flash, I would suggest creating a new Scan Template and enable Software Distribution.  Perform a scan only against your machines and look for the Flash 20 deployment item.  I believe the Qnumber is QAF2000228N.   Deploying this will upgrade previous version and also install Flash 20. on machines that do not have it.  Since Software Distribution items are listed under the OS for the Product, you should look at the bulletin title column to find the Flash updates.   This would be the quickest method of getting these machine upgraded to Flash 20.


          Only use this template when you want to upgrade between major versions or install software that is not already installed on the target machines.


          Protect 9.0/9.1: Software Distribution Best Practices And Informational Guide




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            Yes! it works. Thx a lot, Charles!