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    Two quick questions with Shavlik


      1) We have one network with internet access and two without access. On the offline networks (secret) I have to manually download the Q numbers from the other network, burn them to a DVD, and move them over. I can make a CSV that has all the missing Q numbers, is there any way to have Shavlik on the online network to download all those missing Q numbers to a specific folder?


      2) There is a MS KB3097966 MS15-11 that is missing on all the networks, but Shavlik isn't seeing it. Anyway to have Shavlik force push it to all the machines?

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          Can I assume you are referring to Shavlik Protect?  (we have more than one patching tool)


          1)  You can change the download path to where Shavlik Protect stores the patches.  Tools > Operations > Downloads.  You could also setup a Distribution Server (shared folder somewhere) and setup a sync from the online Protect console to this Distribution Server.


          2)  There is a Microsoft set install order for MS15-11.  Scan using the Security Patch Scan Template and the scans will show the patches missing in the order they can be installed.  You will have to scan, deploy, reboot, scan deploy reboot until the patches are installed. (thank MS for that one)


          The order:

          Windows 7/2008R2    MS15-122    MS15-121    MS15-115

          Windows 8/2012    MS15-122    MS15-115    MS15-121




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