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    Patch Installation Fails w/ -2147024846


      Good morning. Running Shavlik Protect Standard 9.2.0 build 4988, one particular machine is refusing to install patches. I've configured the remote machines STSchedEx service to run as the same (privileged) account deploying the patches, that works fine on other systems in the same domain.


      On this single machine, I get the following:


      2015-12-07T13:56:22.8153748Z 0b0c I STPackageDeployer.cpp:194 All required parts found in the deployment package.

      2015-12-07T13:56:22.8309790Z 0b0c I STPackageDeployer.cpp:661 Deploy id ('72d46796-b680-4ab8-9ee1-644ed461f8b0'), machine id ('28391'), deployerCoreVersion ('9.2.2430.0')

      2015-12-07T13:56:22.8309790Z 0b0c V SchedClt.cpp:148 CSchedClt(): schedulerType=0, jobCreator=STPackageDeployer, jobName=Scheduled Deployment {72d46796-b680-4ab8-9ee1-644ed461f8b0}, comment=deleting job.

      2015-12-07T13:56:22.8465832Z 0b0c E Task2.cpp:73 Task2 failed to get folder '\LANDESK\Protect\Deployments': -2147024846.

      2015-12-07T13:56:22.8465832Z 0b0c V Task.cpp:65 Task 2.0 scheduler exists, but unable to connect to it

      2015-12-07T13:56:22.8465832Z 0b0c V Task2.cpp:88 Task2 destructor

      2015-12-07T13:56:22.9090000Z 0b0c S DeployExeStates.cpp:399 Leaving STDeploy::CInitialExecutionPackageDeploy::DoStatefulRemediateActions uncaught exception.

      2015-12-07T13:56:22.9090000Z 0b0c E STDeploy.cpp:254 Target machine remediation failed: error 3221225477: class STWin32::CSEException at SEException.cpp:41: Unknown error: -1073741819

      2015-12-07T13:56:22.9090000Z 0b0c S STDeploy.cpp:154 Leaving wmain.


      ProPatches gets filled out during the installation, Patches exists and is populated, etc., so I don't know what else to check. The directory c:\windows\system32\Tasks\LANDESK (and down) does not exist on the target machine.

      Any suggestions appreciated.