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    how can I determine how many exact licenses I need?


      I just did patching and received an error for some of my servers that it could not deploy as I did not have enough licenses. "I exceeded the number of deployment seats.."

      Is there an easy way within Shavlik to determine how many exact licenses I would need going by the machines already in Shavlik?


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          There is no easy solution for this, we normally leave that up to the customer.  Getting an exact number from using data in Protect may not be possible. You could setup a scan of all the possible IP ranges (can add multiple IP Ranges to same Machine Group) on your network and then either perform a scan or use Test Existence.  This should give you an idea what machines are live on your network and can be managed by Protect.


          Going to Help > About will tell you how many Deployment Seats you are using right now.