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    Issue with scan connecting to desktops


      We discovered that Symantec was blocking scans originally, we made the adjustment to allow TCP Port 139 into all the workstations then ran update to all machines Symantec configuration.

      After the Symantec change the first scan only picked up one machine successfully, all others failed.


      I ran another scan and it picked up 2 different machines, all others including the machine from the first scan failed.


      I ran a third scan and it again picked up a different machine with all others failing


      Has anyone see this?




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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          No known issue, you may want to verify DNS is good on these systems.  Verify they can be resolved after the scan fails, maybe even perform a ping -t against the machines during the scan.  Followup with a CMD: net use \\machinename\IPC$ from Protect to made sure you can access the admin share.