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    windows 10 build 1511

    skate88 Rookie


      will this be added as a deployable option ?



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          chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

          I was wondering when we would see the first question regarding this.  So, right now the only way to get this update is by Windows Update or by ISO.  On WU it is only applicable if you are on Home, Pro, or Edu editions and NOT domain joined.  For Enterprise customers, those using WSUS, or SCCM, or Pro customers that are domain joined, the automatic distribution is not available yet.  We are keeping an eye on this and will support it as soon as we can. 


          So once it is out there in a format we can consume the next question is how will it be supported.  We are leaning toward supporting this as a Service Pack.  If we do it that way, you get control over when it is deployed to your environment.  If we do it as a patch then some of you may get it before you want to if you are not using more of a baseline\white listing approach to patching.  We want to ensure it does not get pushed before people desire it to so SP is the way we are leaning right now. 

          Any feedback on that approach please let me know.  Ideally, if you are using the Agent Service Pack group and approve it that way it would roll-out automatically. (Unfortunately it is 3GB, but that is why the agent can take advantage of BITS)




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            skate88 Rookie

            hi Chris


            fyi -  we have windows 10 pro machines - domain joined and they receive the patch if windows update is run manually,  have been since the day after the patch was released ....

            I started testing it on some machines on Friday 13th nov.


            as a service pack would be fine for us. I think that's the best way.

            there are other thinks to consider when deploying this build.


            removal of windows.old directory

            removal of unwanted store  apps that get reinstalled - even if you have removed them previously .....

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              chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

              Yes, manual windows update will get it for you right now.  Thanks for the feedback on our approach.  Also for the pain points.  From what I understand the Windows.old is recommended to keep around and at next upgrade it replaces the current windows.old directory with the next upgrade.  I cannot find a good article about it, but Microsoft is supposed to be providing an interface\config guidance on how to setup the store for businesses.  I believe it was going live today. Increase your app’s reach with Windows Store for Business | Building Apps for Windows Not sure if it will do what you need for controlling those apps.  It is supposed to allow you to manage them.