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    Post Deployment template

    jmjonsun Rookie

      I need clarification on the reboot options in the post deploy reboot tab of the deployment template.


      After patches are deployed, I want to give the users options to delay the reboot.  But if they don't reboot, force the reboot to be at Midnight or something. Can it be configured like this?  If so, will it work if the computer is in sleep or hibernate mode?

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          I would suggest creating/modifying a Deployment Template and take a look at the Post-deploy Reboot tab to see the combination of reboot options.  You can specify a reboot at next occurrence of a time and force the action after X number of minutes.  Click the Show sample countdown to see what end users will see.  Sleep or Hibernate would result in Safereboot (the component responsible for the reboot dialog and managing the reboot) to resume as it left off and execute the reboot.