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    Upgraded to Protect 9.2 Today, Test Credentials Not working?

    HJAdams123 Rookie

      Hello and Good Evening Shavlik Community....


      I updated two of my four 9.1 consoles to version 9.2. I have been doing some poking around and I noticed that the UI\location for testing existence and credentials for a machine has changed a bit. It says in the release notes for 9.2, that this functionality has been combined into a single function that now is completed by doing a Power Status. I noticed that when I right click on a machine now and select the option for Test existence/credentials, it seems to test the existence just fine, but I don't think its checking credentials. I have tested this my assigning a machine a credential I KNOW should not work, and the Test Results screen comes back and says everything is fine.


      This function worked fine in 9.1, and is important to us because we have computers that are domain joined, and some that are not. And we have many domains. So we need to have this credential check in place and working to make sure things are okay. Did the credential check part get removed accidentally? Can anyone on 9.2 recreate this? I am on the latest build, 9.2.0 Build 4988