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    Error on Machine


      I just upgraded to 9.2 and everything appeared to be fine until I attempted to deploy the missing patches.  I can scan my network, but I keep getting an error message that reads "Error on (Machine Name):  Failed"   I've tried everything I can think of to resolve the issue (i.e., disjoining the box from the network and rejoining it, setting the credentials (which I never had to do in the previous version), and selecting one patch at a time.  All of which rendered the same result "Error on (Machine Name):  Failed."  How can I resolve this issue?

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          It's going to be a guessing game without logs.  It's possible you have credentials set for the individual machine and they are no longer working. Go to View > Machines and right-click on a machine or group of machines and choose Machine Properties.  Remove and credentials set in there. Use a Machine Group that has valid credentials set, scan again the test a deployment.  I think I've seen that error when either the Protect server or the target machine was running out of disk space.  Check the available space on the C:\ of these machines.




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            I checked the "credentials" and it didn't have any set.  I then set it (as I've done in the past), and it still renders the same error message.  I looked at the space on both the server and the workstation(s) and there's adequate space still available on both.  As stated previously, could it just be the upgrade?  9.1 worked just fine--as is (ie, space, no credentials).

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              No known issues like this in Protect 9.2.  I would suggest gathering logs and opening up a case so Support can take a look. 


              1. Please open the Protect GUI and then go to Tools > Options > Logging and change logging to “All” for both user interface and services.

              2. Close the Protect GUI.

              3. Stop the following services

                   a.Shavlik Protect Console Service

                    b. ST Remote Scheduler Service

              4. Delete all the logs from

                   a.  Windows 7, 8, 2008, 2012 & Vista: C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Logs

                   b.  Earlier OS’s:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Logs

              5.  Start the console service and open the Protect GUI.

              6. Attempt to reproduce the issue.Scan and deploy to a single machine, not where you are setting this up from (Machine Groups, View > Machines, Scan Results, etc)  Screenshots are always helpful too.

              a. Collect the logs from the Logs folder mentioned earlier in step 4 (please zip if possible)

              7. Zip the logs.

              You can open a case here:  https://support.shavlik.com/CaseLogging.aspx

              Please refer to this post so we can update it once the issue has been corrected.

              Let me know if you have any questions.