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    Deploy all patches when SP are involved?

    jmjonsun Rookie

      Hopefully an easy answer but I'm new to Shavlik and need some clarification.  From what I've read, you should deploy service packs, before patches which makes sense.  My question is that suppose you have machines that need a couple of service packs and some patches as well.  If you choose to deploy all patches, will Shalvik install the service packs one by one with a restart after each installation and then rescan and deploy the remaining pertinent patches?  Or do I need to schedule the service packs individually and make sure they have been deployed successfully before rescanning and scheduling the regular patches? 

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          Service pack deployments are handled differently than patch deployments. Since Microsoft recommends that a service pack be applied before all patches, Shavlik Protect will not allow you to deploy service packs and patches in the same deployment. It is because of this behavior that when you select Deploy > All Missing Patches, it literally means to deploy all missing patches; no service packs will be included with this operation. You will need to deploy the service packs, with reboots in-between each install, then clean-up the remaining patches with another scan/deployment.