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    Custom Actions not working in 9.2


      Has anyone seen this issue.  I was trying to deploy an msi via Custom Actions in 9.2.  I am able to setup the null patch.  I go into my custom actions and set 1) push file 2) push file 3) call .bat file to launch the install.  The files make it over into C:\Windows\ProPatches\Installation\InstallationSandbox#2015-10-20-T-15-01-10, but never to the C:\Windows\ProPatches\Install directory.  Am I losing my mind?  I used to do this 9.1 all the time without issue, but I have never seen this action.  I am running 9.2.4918.  This was an "upgrade" from the beta.  Everything else looks good.  It seemed on the install that it removed the beta files prior to dropping the newer release.