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    Excluding Patches


      After updating to 9.2 I noticed that you cannot exclude patches by clicking on the particular machine group, then Add, then unchecking the boxes for the patch.  I am now going thru the patch templates to exclude patches but I am still seeing patches that I have asked to exclude showing up in the scans.  Google Drive, Skype, Picassa are ones in particular.  I am going into the patch template and both checking the left side to "scan for these" and the right side  for "exclude these"  I am making choices on both sides so as to make sure they are not being included but I am still showing those patches when I scan.  I hope this makes sense.  Is there something I am missing?  Thanks in advance!



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          The patches in the Patch Group will be included in the scan regardless of previous Scan Template filtering.  You'll notice all the filtering in the Scan Template is grayed out once you choose to scan using a Baseline Patch Group.  You can only choose Baseline or Exceptions not both.  Make sure your not including patches that you do not want to scan for. Let me know if I'm way off on this.


          If you continue to see odd scan results, we are going to need a case and logs from you Protect server.