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    Ingore a particular patch for a particular host?


      Hello, We have two newly installed applications that, unfortunately are not compatible with current versions of Java.  We would like our scans to NOT show missing Java patches just for these two hosts.  Is there anyway to do this?  We are using the WuScan, and I know that a custom scan can be configured, but that seems like overkill if we want to ignore particular patches on particular hosts. Thank for any help you can provide.

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          You control what is being scanned through the Scan Template and optionally Patch Groups  You would need to use a Patch Group that contains the patches you want to ignore in a new Scan Template.  You may want to consider scanning these machines separately, this would allow you to use the custom Scan Template/Patch Group on machines that require it.  Not exactly what you want but that is the only method to ignore patches in scans.