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    Network connection error (201) on two servers across a WAN


      Hello!  We are a new Protect implementation and are having issues with scanning and updating of two servers that reside on the far side of a WAN from the console.  On scheduled scans, the first attempt always fails with a 201 (Network connection error.  Verify that you can remotely log on to the specified machine) error.  Both servers are correctly configured for connections, remote registry, etc.  When manually scanning the error is usually 452 (unable to connect to remote machine).  Making second attempt within a few minutes of a failure will usually yield a successful scan.


      In short, something about going over the WAN is causing an error on initial attempts, but follow-up attempts have a good shot at succeeding.  We are clean and standard with regard to Active Directory, DNS, time synch, permissions, bandwidth, and so on.  From the console I can connect to both machines over CIFS or whatever else without issue.


      Has anyone else dealt with this issue over a WAN before?  Suggestions?