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    Software Distribution update?


      I have been looking around for a way to update/upgrade some of our applications (such as Java & Adobe products) to newer versions and it seems the best way to do this is highlighted with some very good steps in the Software Distribution Best Practices and Informational Guide. The problem I am finding is that this is full of installations that are very, very old (seems to be from 11/18/2013) and obviously I am not looking to install Adobe Flash Player 10.2 or even 15.0 when we are currently trying to push version 19.x.


      Is there a way to get an updated Software Distribution set or another way to update these products?  I was able to find the Java update here, but that doesn't address any of the other applications that are listed in the Software Distribution "Supported Products".


      If I am missing something, please forgive me as I have been using Shavlik Protect for a long time but like many other products, I use it for what I need and other features (like this one) go unnoticed until such a time as I have a need. !

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          We are up to date!  We list a lot of the Software Distribution items under their Applicable OS instead of the product they are for.  I see Distributions Server information all the way up to 10/13/2015 when searching in View > Patches.  Search for APSB15-25, the Qnumbers that end with N are Software Distribution items.  I would suggest scanning one of these machines with a Scan Template with Software Distribution enable to see what is missing.  The bulletin title column will tell you more about what the missing item is for, here is an example:


          All the missing patches are Software Distribution items. (full installers)

          You will see the product is the OS for all items.

          I highlighted the latest Flash Player installer.

          The best way to see what the installer really is would be to download it. 



          Let me know if you have any questions,