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    Observation relating to Windows 10


      I have one Windows 10 Professional machine set up with an agent.  I have noticed after the agent does a patch scan, the operating system reports as Window 10 Pro.  After a check-in or asset scan, it shows as Windows 8.1 Pro.  The machine originally was Windows 7 Professional and was upgraded to Windows 10 after the release date.  I am not sure if the agent was removed and reinstalled after the upgrade.


      We are running protect 9.1 build 4511 and the agent is version 9.1.4334.0.


      The machine is installing patches for Windows 10, so it is just a reporting issue.  I haven't seen anyone else report this yet, but maybe I missed it.

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          What you are seeing is a result importer defect in Protect 9.1, which will be corrected in Protect 9.2 (due out mid-October).  It's a view only defect that won't cause mis-detection for scanning/deploying patches.  We would fix the issue in our content files if we could, but the fix will require code change and we have verified the issue doesn't exist in Protect 9.2


          Sorry about the annoyance, let me know if you have any questions.