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    Patch Group


      We have a template linked to a patch group.  The patch group file got renamed and when the scan ran it defaulted to the entire patch list that Shavlik processed.  This caused many extra patches (100+ instead a max of 30) to be sent and installed on the target machines.  Is there a way to get the scan to fail and do nothing if it cannot find the patch list file?  I work in the process control section of out company and the extra patches caused failures in the operator consoles and impacted their ability to control the process units.  These are "Honeywell" systems and we are only allowed to install certified patches, a greatly reduced list of windows patches.

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          Jonathan.JANVIER SupportEmployee

          Hello Jim


          I have been through the exact same scenario as yours in my virtual environment with Protect 9.1.4511 and I cannot reproduce this issue. After renaming the patch group and initiating another scan straight away with the Scan Template using this patch group the patch excluded remained excluded from the scan.


          Which version are you running ?


          If I were you I would check if the scan before the deployment occured was run with a different template than the one you thought you used.
          It may be worth that you open a case with Support in order to help you out with this.




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