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    Adobe Reader Hangs on Install using Shavlik


      We've just started to add Adobe Reader 11 Software Distribution to our patch groups. I keep seeing the installer hang on various systems.


      Here is an example of that. I just created 12 servers, all from the same template in VMware. I joined each one to the domain, I installed the Shavlik Agent. I then scanned them all and patched them with the same group of patches.


      Here you will see one server applied all 16 patches without issue. The other 11 servers are all stuck on installing Acrobat Reader 11.




      If I RDP into one of the hosts that shows a few Adobe related EXE's just sitting there but not really doing anything.




      If I manually kill the Adobe Self Extrator EXE, then look at the console, the remaining patches continue on.




      Then upon a rescan, Adobe Reader shows as installed without issue.

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          No known issue with installing Adobe Reader 11.  I've tested with version 11 and it installed without issue. Are you able to install a newer version of Adobe Reader like AR11-010 (Adobe Reader 11.0.10)?


          FYI: The agent isn't required on the client machine for patching.  scanning from the Protect console through a Machine Group or View > Machines will perform an agentless scan in most cases.  i just wanted to point that our since you mentioned you installed the agent on the target machine, but all the screenshots indicate an agentless deployment.