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    Adobe Acrobat DC Update - Doesn't show as required




      We are releasing Adobe Acrobat DC this month and I have been performing some tests with Shavlik's latest update. I have two test PCs running Acrobat DC 15.006.30033, Shavlik has a patch to version 15.008.20082, however the update is not installed onto my test machines.

      When I look within the SCCM console it shows that 0 machines require the Acrobat DC update.


      Is there a problem with this update (maybe detection methods of previous versions?) causing Shavlik to believe this update is not needed?


      I am in the middle of setting up some further tests to ensure the problem isn't here - although I see that as quite unlikely as both test machines have just installed Shavlik's other outstanding updates.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are about to launch Acrobat Reader DC into the wild too (Acrobat DC -  has been around for a while on our systems, we have just been waiting for Shavlik to start offering the patches,