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    Deploy updates to Clients, Compliance shows 100%, but version hasn't actually updated on Client ?


      Good Evening,


      I'm using Shavlik Patch within SCCM 2012.


      SCCM works fine and Shavlik has been successfully installed.


      I'm now testing third party patch deployments to my clients.


      I've published Adobe Flash Player in shavlik, it appeared in SCCM All Software Updates, and i then deployed it to my 4 test clients.


      I've checked the deployment in SCCM and all 4 clients show as compliant, yet when i check the Adobe Flash Player version on the clients they are all still on a much older version.


      There's no eventvwr entry on the clients indicating anything has been installed.


      When i run a report within SCCM on the deployment to the clients, the state is ' Update is not required '


      How can the update to Adobe Flash Player update not be required on the clients when they are currently on version 16 ?


      Any ideas ?


      Many thanks,