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    Server showing no patches when they are patches to install


      We currently had a Windows 2003 server that was being patched by Shavlik.  This worked fine.

      Because of the software on the server we ended up having to do a inplace upgrade to 2008 R2.

      Even since then Shavlik has been having issues with this server.  While all the other server show 5 to 10 patches depending on the month, this server shows none.

      Also getting the following icon next to server name. 

      Server is working fine except for this issue.

      Didn't know if anyone had seen this before and could offer some advice on how to fix.



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          cjensen SupportEmployee

          Hi Craig,


          This icon typically represents an error with the agent on the target machine. Following the upgrade of the OS, did you attempt to reinstall the agent? This can be completed by navigating to Machine View (View>Machines) within the Console, right clicking on the machine in question and selecting Agents>Install/Reinstall with Policy then choosing the appropriate agent policy. Please give this a try and let me know what the result is.