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    Server are rebooting without scheduled task




      We patched a few server agentless. The patches were applied successfully and the reboot occurred right after.

      But after the reboot happened, we could not connect to the server via RDP. After we logged on in vsphere one time, we could connnect again with RDP. Why do this happen?

      After a week the Server rebooted without any interaction. We've seen the reboot was initiated from Safereboot.exe.

      Has anyone seen this before?



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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          There are no known issue of  that behavior on the support side.


          • When RDP wasn't working, were you using the built-in RDP in Protect or manually through the OS?  Logging may tell us more if your were using RDP from Protect.
          • The reboot a week after, are you positive you don't have any other jobs running? Agents?


          This is going to be near impossible to troubleshoot without logging from the console and target machine.  This will most likely be pushed to a case.