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    What's new in the Support Portal? (July 2015 release)

    karenpeacock Employee

      During today's planned maintenance we made a number of changes::


      Support Portal - Mobile friendly site

      The site is now designed to resize appropriately to fit the size of the device you are using.


      Support Portal - New navigation via site headers

      The site headers on the portal now more closely resemble those in the User Community, giving you a more consistent experience between the sites.  The menus allow you to select:

      • Home
      • Support Requests
        • Request Help
        • View Requests
      • Resources
      • Your Profile

      NOTE: Profile information is now stored on customer.shavlik.com because it is a shared profile between the User Community and Support Portal sites.

        • View Profile
        • Edit Profile

      customer.shavlik.com - Additional portal profile fields

      When you first login to the User Community or Support Portal after the update we will ask if you could please complete some additional fields about yourself which we will store in your profile.  Please complete the information and select "Submit".  Alternatively choose to "skip for later" (you will be asked again at next logon) or select "do not ask me this again" if you don't wish to complete the information at all.