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    anti-virus Exclusions


      Is there a definitive article that outlines all the  exclusions hat should be in place for  anti-virus for both the clients as well as the server that is hosting the protect console? I did  find the document entitled Protect Console and Agent Services Information and have applied those in the exclusion  listed in the document and set the path to where there are on my server. Even with the exclusions in place , the  server will freeze and no longer respond during scans or deployments or at times will be very sluggish in response  and scan performance. If I uninstall (unloading makes no difference) the problem goes away. I am thinking I am missing some exclusions that need to be in place. The anti-virus is trend-micro officescan 10.6 sp3. The sql express (2014) and database is running local and is also excluded from the anti-virus scans

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          We don't have a definitive list, but it should be simple to point out the Shavlik processes.  Below is a list of Protect processes on the Protect server that should be excluded if present.  The agentless scan process is key and is marked below.




          Are you referring to agentless scanning?

          When you say the server is sluggish during the scan, are you referring to the Protect server?


          FYI: You shouldn't have STThreat.exe running on a machine that already has AV software installed on it.


          Let me know what you see.