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    New 9.2 features

    C-Wolf Rookie

      Hello Again,


      As I mentioned previously, we are currently running a POC of the Shavlik Protect product and hoping to wrap up in the next week or two.  I have seen in a few discussions where some of the Shavlik team members have mentioned some of the new features of Protect 9.2.  I was wondering if there has been any information released that list out some of the new features of the 9.2 product.  I would hate to make a decision based on 9.1 and find out 9.2 contained fixes for any issues we saw with the product.


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          chrisgoettl SupportEmployee


          If you would like I can give you a demo of Protect 9.2 as well.  The beta will be starting up in August.  New features coming:


          New engines - Scan, Deploy, performance improvements, more depth to content. 

          Scan Template, Patch Group, and Patch View enhancements -  With the more depth to our content you get a lot of new flexibility to create and manage your patch groups and templates. 

          New Scheduler enhancements including scheduling based on Patch Tuesday + X days for more predictable schedules.

          Enhanced Scheduled Reporting features

          Predictive Patch Download and Patch Sync - enhancing the process of downloading and staging patches across your environment. 

          Virtual Identity - Discover VMs in your hosted environment once and from that point on the console uses the vID to find where the machine is and take the correct actions if it is Offline, a Template, needs a snapshot, etc. 

          There is more, but those are a lot of the bigger items. 





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            C-Wolf Rookie

            Thanks Chris!


            That is great I look forward to our Demo (already scheduled).  In the meantime would you be able to tell me if there are any new features regarding Machine/Machine group management and AD synchronization (see discussion: Machines removed from Active Directory OU Machine Group).


            Also, are there any major UI changes?  We have only been using the console for a short time, but we have found the UI a bit challenging to get used to.  We love the minimalistic view but find the menu bar/primary feature section/Operations dialor (or 1, 2, and 3 as referred to in the manual) a bit confusing.


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              chrisgoettl SupportEmployee



              The Home Page or Operations Page is a quick launch once you have a few things configured in the product.  We can talk about that a bit more when we do the demo, but that screen is really geared toward quick actions you want to take after you have things setup the way you want.  The machine view is probably the place you really want to familiarize yourself with.  From there you can see all machines you have discovered and you can remove machines that are no longer on the network. 


              We will talk more next week.