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    MS14-018 uninstalls Win2012R2 updates

    scolardeau Rookie

      I've been building new Win2012R2 servers. The servers have SQL2014 on them. The first scan of the new machines shows all the updates needed. Normal so far. I install the updates, reboot and find one missing; MS14-018. I push it out and reboot, then re-scan. I then find all of the previous updates GONE!  I have to re-install them to complete the build. This has happened three time now.

      If this helps the first scan shows MS14-018 with reference to Q2936068.  It's an IE security update. The second time around, when it's the only patch missing, it's referenced to Q2919355 and is a Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 update.

      Next opportunity I have to update a Win2012 server I'll install the second update first. It will have to be a manual install because the patch scan does not show it. I'm curious to see if anyone else has experienced this. If so, have you found a way around it?

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          I can safely surmise that Protect is not uninstalling patches during a patch deployment, the logic doesn't exist unless you specifically choose to uninstall patches that are already installed.  It's common to have new patches show missing after deployment due to patch install prerequisites, Protect will only show patches that can be installed at the time of the scan. 


          It's possible a patch is uninstalling something, but I have never come across and issue like that before.  The issue may stem from the fact KB2919355 is Cumulative Update 1 (CU1) for Windows 8.1/2012 which contains many patches in it.  If shown missing, I would suggest installing KB2919355 first since it will include many of the updates you are attempting to install.


          I have some questions for clarification:


          1. "I then find all of the previous updates GONE! "

                    A. Do you mean a subsequent scan no longer shows the patches Installed or do these patches show as missing in the subsequent scan?

                    B. Did you verify the patches were missing in Program/Features?


               2. "I have to re-install them to complete the build."

                    A. Are the installs by hand or through Protect?




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            scolardeau Rookie

            By gone I mean the patches show as "Missing" in the subsequent scan. I did not check Programs/Features, but I'll keep that in mind if I see it again. I re-installed the updates via Protect.

            I've created a new template with the Q2919355 update in a Patch Group. I'll scan with that first and see what comes up. If it does I'll install that update first. Hopefully that will help.


            I've checked other W2012R2 machines and see multiple "flavors" of the MS14-018 update, and yes the Q2919355 update is there.  This issue with the removal of all the updates has only reared its ugly head the past few days. This could very well be pilot error. The pilot being me so I haven't ruled that out. It's just strange that this has come up recently. These  have been the first SQL2014 installs we've done, so  I'm not certain that SQL isn't playing a role in all of this. This all came about when one of our Developers was trying to install Visual Studio 2015 RC. The install wouldn't run because this update, Q2919355 was missing. I pushed it out and then the fun started.

            Calling this update a "patch" is a bit misleading. It's a fairly large update, +700MB. That's more in service pack territory IMO. Maybe a bunch of updates bundled together but it is not called an IE update like the other flavors of the patch. It is an  OS update.

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              This is because MS14-018 is a CU for 2012 R2, and Win 8.1, The updates you had applied previously should show names like "Security Update for Windows 8.1 (2965161) without KB2919355 in the SCCM console.  The best thing to do for 2012 R2/Win 8.1 is apply MS14-018, then rescan and apply what is missing after.  You actually cannot apply most recent updates if you are missing the CU itself.

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                I agree with adetwelier, start with the CU KB2919355, reboot, rescan then deploy the remainder of the patches missing.  We always recommend installing Service Packs/Cumulative Updates first.