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    Patch 2003servers after EOL date

    alexwu Rookie

      Hello all



      • Client has signed an CSA agreement with Microsoft (Extended Windows Server 2003 support)
      • We have received information from Client regarding their agreement with Microsoft on how the updates will be provided past EOL date. (An alternate download procedure).  The procedure for updates downloads are similar to that of Windows XP CSA.
        1. 1. MS provide a tool which give the customer access to download Windows Server 2003 security patches into the WSUS installation
        2. 2. From the WSUS the relevant patches can be distributed to the deployment tool of choice (e.g SCCM, others…)
          (see an example on how to do this here  )


      My questions to you are (regarding patching of Windows Server 2003 past EOL):

        Can we integrate this procedure to work with our current Shavlik patch management of Client enviroment ?

        Does Shavlik has some kind af aproach tot his issue ?


      Ideas ? Thanks