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    Database rebuild index failed


      We have database maintenance scheduled to run weekly, and to rebuild indexes. I just noticed that there's failure message as part of the index rebuild. The error is Generic data access layer exception.  SQL exception message: Cannot find the object "dbo.LinkEmailRecManagedMachines" because it does not exist or you do not have permissions. Can you tell me how to resolve the error?  I'm not a dba. thanks

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          Often the root cause of the issue is going to be a permissions issue. 


          • Does manually running the database maintenance in Tools > Operations > Database Maintenance work? Click the 'Run Now' button and then go to View > Event History to watch the progress under Database Maintenance.  Make sure to hit the refresh button every once in awhile. This may take time depending the size of your database.
          • Run the Database Setup Tool located in start menu of Windows. Choose the 'Use an existing database' option.  Other customers have had issues with the 'rebuild index' option when using 'Integrated Windows Authentication'.  Change this to a specific user that has more SQL rights usually corrects the issue.


          Let me know what you see.