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    Patch Downloads - FileZilla


      Whenever a new version of FileZilla is released the patch will only download a 2KB file containing nothing. When it attempts to run this file it just eats up all the CPU on the machine as process 'ntvdm.exe' until the machine is reset or the task is killed. I have to manually download the patch from their website and put it in the patches folder replacing the 2KB file for Shavlik to install it correctly. I have also had this issue with new releases of google chrome. Is this a known issue? And is their anyway to fix this so I don't have to manually download these patches every month?

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          I just tested and was able to download the latest Filezilla file just fine through Protect. Coming down as the full 5.91MB file. It sounds like you might have antivirus or web filtering software interfering with downloads and possibly stripping the files. Either that, or some file caching that's not working properly.