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    Using distribution servers - Which settings take precedence? Deployment Template or Agent settings?


      In regards to distribution servers, we have some questions:


      1. If we configure an Agent to use a distribution server to download patches, will it use this setting even if the Deployment Template says not to use on OR if a different distribution server is configured?


      2. We have many distribution servers configured now and it is time for testing. Since we have multiple servers feeding different subnets, what is the best way to have an Agent query the IP to know which DS to use? At what level is this done? I see a check box "By Agent IP range" but I'm not sure how this works exactly. Does that box check the settings under Operations, Distribution Servers, IP Ranges?


      Now for the Agent questions. We are currently in a mixed mode environment with about half of our machines using Agents and the other half Agentless. We are seeing some machines get patches via the Agent while the Agentless scan is also running, eventually trying to re-install the patches that were just applied by the Agent (Since the reboot hasn't occurred yet, it doesnt think the patches are there yet).


      Is there anyway to tell the Agentless scan to skip machines with an Agent? Or do we need to reschedule the time of these scans/reboot schedules? We would prefer not to do this just yet, but we can if we need to.