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    Database installation Error


      Hi Guys,


      Our Shavlik Protect 9.0 is refusing  to launch indicating that SQL query failed to execute( I didn't record the message)  After a little digging. I verified database were intact and did test connections to verify sql services were running and also check the integrity of the database.


      I decided to relaunch the database setup tool to see if I can relink the database. It did indicate it has linked but when I tried to finish the installation it produces the error that :

      Failed to commit or save the database installation


      and the freezes the tool. After which it produces a database installtion error  shavlikdb.jpg


      I have shrinked the database size and cleared logs and tried again but nothing was different. I have recorded the logs after those actions and here is what i got.


      Any thoughts on how I can proceed or should I just call phone support to have someone look further. Thanks David



      Log Attached.